Suppliers & Sub Contractors

Customised Solution for Supplier & Sub-Contractor Businesses to Digitalise Your Workflow

Leads Automation
E-Quotation/ E-Contract
Real-time Sales Performance
Product or Service Management
Commission / Incentives Automation
Full Accounting Capability

Robust Features for Everyone in the Company

What You Get with ID Connect

Simplified B2B & B2C Sales Management

Simplify your lead management processes with features that:

  • Automatically garner your leads from different lead portals and social media in one place

  • Automate the assignment of leads

  • Generate e-quotations using customized templates

  • Track lead conversion rates in real time

With ID Connect, you can digitalise your sales processes, while benefitting from real time sales performance tracking to learn your conversion rates and top performer in sales.

Centralised Product or Service Management

With ID Connect’s centralised cloud platform, enjoy centralised management and real-time tracking of your products or services to reduce time spent on operational and administrative matters.


Customisable to fit different business and operation workflows, this can range from warehouse and inventory management with integrations to your e-commerce platform, to manufacturing workflow management or service workflow management.

Full Set Integrated Accounting

Designed to support all financial processes and reporting for the Interior Design related industries, this incorporates supplier rebates, AP invoice variation and Singapore’s taxation practices for more seamless accounting management.

How ID Connect Works


Understand your business needs and advise you on areas of improvement based on related industry experiences.


Customise solution to fit your company’s workflows, contract templates and accounting practices.


Train and onboard your team to ensure everyone is familiar in using the new workflows and application.


Get assured responsive support from technical experts with knowledge of your workflows.

Learn how you can save more than 70% of your Operation and Admin Time with ID Connect

Eligible for up to 80% funding support through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).